Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mother Read Father Read

Congratulations to our newest graduates of the Mother Read Father Read program:  Jay Doronila, Gemma Ubongen, Maricel Geronimo, Reina Fenis, Hua Yang, Boby Amorada and Rebecca Urbano.  Thank you to the Humanities Council and Ms. Debbie Canete for making this opportunity available to our families. 

Creative Holiday Door Decorations

Classroom doors were decorated using recyclable materials as part of the Student Council's efforts to ring in the spirit of the holidays.  The winner is entitled to a class pizza party.  Enjoy browsing through the wonderful classroom designs!

Thank you to the STUCO for challenging everyone to find innovative ways to turn trash into treasure.  We wonder who the winner is...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Education Day 2012

There are super heroes in every single one of us! 

Ms. Ana Guerrero fights illiteracy by correcting spelling!

Difference Makers and Student Council combat bullying and unite students!

Mr. Gramlich, our Librarian of the Year battles low reading scores by making sure our shelves are stacked with books to read and learn from!

Mrs. Dorothy Roberto, our Teacher of the Year champions learning by creating a challenging and fun learning environment for all her students!

Oh no! Who will help us uphold our SVS Honor Code?  Students send a bat signal.

Ms. Beth Van Dam, our Counselor of the Year to the rescue!  She will help us make good choices!!

Mr. Donald San Nicolas, our Admin Staff of the Year, is everyone's hero!!

Mr. Magneti, our Support Staff of the Year knows just how to fix any problem!

Mr. Alvin Borja, our Teacher Aide of the Year is the man to go to if you need support and encouragement!

At San Vicente Elementary School everyone is safe!! 
Congratulations to our dedicated and hard working Canary Heroes!!!